project: Bowden Hill Reservoir Refurbishment

client: Wessex Water

location: Chippenham 

duration: 2 months

value: £260,000

scope of works:

Removal of all the topsoil
Waterproofing of the Reservoir roof using Dualseal membrane (circa 600 m2)
Installation of an extensive deckdrain system over the entire Reservoir roof
Installation of new duct runs, handrails & paths 
Over-pumping of the clean water between the tanks to minimize wastage
Waterproofing of the Concrete repairs to the soffit
Installation of over-banding to all the reservoir expansion joints
Application of a protective waterproof coating (Sikatop Seal 107) to the soffit of the reservoir
Cleaning of the reservoir on completion of the works ready for chlorination by the Client

In late January 2007 CRL were awarded the contract to carry out the external and internal refur­bishment of Bowden Service Reservoir, near Chippenham in Wiltshire. The reservoir consisted of two compartments and to minimize any disruption to the local water supply, only one compartment could be worked on at a time whilst the other compartment had to remain ‘live’.

Not only was the programme extremely tight, but the works were required to be carried out in the cold months of February and March.

Due to the short contract duration it was necessary for the works to be carried out to both the externals and internals of the reservoir simultaneously.