project: Farnham Road MSCP

client: Guildford Borough Council
duration: 4 months
value: £600,000

scope of works:

isolated concrete repairs (to both slabs & soffits)
the removal of ridging to the ramps at the tops of nibs
the preparation of the existing concrete decks prior the application of the Sika decking systems
removal of all paint to skirting’s and kerbs
removal of all speed bumps
installation of pigeon protection measures 

Farnham Road Car Park, situated in the heart of Guildford and right next to the Guildford Railway Station, is a 917 space multi-storey car park serving both long term commuters using the adjacent railway on a daily basis, as well as short term users looking to spend some time in Guildford’s thriving town centre shopping district.

The car park was built in the late 1980’s, and is of steel framed construction, with composite concrete floor slabs (pre-cast, pre-stressed planks, with a reinforced concrete topping) and brick parapets. Through regular inspections and monitoring of the car park structure, Guildford Borough Council, who own the car park, noticed signs of deterioration were becoming more extensive, and it was evident in 2009 that the car park was now in need of some care and attention, as well as a major ‘face-lift’. A designer was appointed, Philips Surveyors LLP, and the process to repair, rehabilitate and aesthetically improve the car park was commenced.

In August 2013 CRL commenced work on site with a programme period of 16 weeks, with the condition to keep the car park operational only 66 car parking spaces could be taken out of use at any one time. SIKA’s Car Park system was chosen as the preferred decking option, & SIKA’s Ferrogard 903 (a migrating corrosion inhibitor) was applied to all the deck surfaces to reduce the corrosion rate & protect the reinforcing in areas where corrosion had not yet started. In recognition of CRL’s commitment to managing this site in a safe and orderly manner, the site was awarded a certificate for ‘Performance Beyond Compliance’ by the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The contract was completed to budget, ahead of time, with minimal disruption to the car park users and to the high standards expected by the Client.