Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites for New Bridges

FRP composites are a combination of fibres which provide the strength and resins which transfer the stress between the fibres and protects them. This structural material was developed over 70 years ago and is widely used in many industries including automotive, marine and aeronautical. Lifespan Structures Ltd is a sister company of CRL and provides a service to design and manufacture FRP composite bridges for the UK construction industry.

The presentation, ‘An Introduction to Fibre Reinforced (FRP) Composites for new bridges’, will introduce FRP composites and how the material has been used in other industries. It will cover the history of composites in the bridge construction industry with a case study for a Lifespan footbridge. The final section will look at the significant benefits that FRP composites can provide compared to traditional construction materials such as timber, steel and concrete.

This Presentation Includes

Introduction to Lifespan Structures
UK Footbridge – Market Overview
Traditional Footbridge Construction Types
Introduction to FRP Composites
History of Composite use in Bridges
Lifespan Bridge Deck – Case Study
Footbridge solutions – Cost Comparisons
Footbridge solutions – Sustainability